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Welcome to the Neighborhood. Join us for some fun and camaraderie!

The purpose of the Welcome & Social Committee is to help build community in Montclaire through events and initiatives that foster the development of our neighborhood into a thriving and desirable place to live.

As you might have guessed, our committee greets new neighbors with open arms, delivering welcome packets to those who are just moving in.  Filled with coupons to local businesses and handy community resources, these packets arrive on new neighbor doorsteps within a few weeks of them becoming a Montclaire resident.

We also like to have a little fun so the Welcome & Social Committee is in charge of monthly gatherings at local businesses in our area. Typically hosted on evenings and weekends, our events are great for adults, families, retirees and anyone in between! Be it a brunch, brewery happy hour, miniature golf, kickball or an egg hunt, Montclaire has an event to get you out to meet all your great neighbors. We also help the Board with the annual Montclaire Block Party, which is always a blast. Our upcoming social scheduled will be updated with new events as they are scheduled.

Montclaire has a lot to offer with quick access to highways, greenways, parks, shops and restaurants, but sometimes you can find the best gems and the most fun right here in your own backyard. Join us as we strengthen our community each and every year!

If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please contact us at montclaire@montclaire28210.com.